Top 9 Freelancing Hacks For Beginners

One of the best freelancing hacks for beginners is to start freelancing before you quit your main job and start helping fellow freelancers.

I’ve put together the Top 9 Freelancing Hacks For Beginners that can help you find great clients, keep your freelancing business running smoothly, and ensure you’re on the right way to start freelancing.

1. Be Flexible

As a freelancer, you might have a fixed view of how you will be running your micro-business.

One of the best freelancing hacks for beginners is to be as flexible as possible at the beginning.

Services that you thought would be wildly popular may turn out to be failures, whereas others might be surprisingly in demand.

Be sure to watch the marketplace on what services are trending and popular right now.

2. Help Others

Help others and then other freelancers will help you too. If you have too many projects, delegate them.

One of the best freelancing hacks for beginners is to delegate your work.

Delegate means to entrust the project or work to another freelancer whom you trust.

Other freelancers will be thankful to you and surely they will return the favor in the future.

3. Start Now

One of the popular freelancing hacks for beginners is to start freelancing before you quit your day job.

Start working as a freelancer while you are not a freelancer yet.

Grow your client list by working nights and weekends until you consider you have enough freelance work and clients.

In addition to the fact that creating a high-quality portfolio website, building your brand, and adding to your portfolio naturally takes a good amount of time.

It’s a good idea to have a few steady freelance clients on your list before you try to freelance full-time.

4. Find More High-Paying Clients

Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. Having a main client or project that provides you with more than the 50% of your current income is not a good idea. 

You will get used to that comfort and that’s the worst thing it can happen to your freelance instinct of getting new projects.

What will happen if your primary client suddenly fires you? It’s bad, right?

One of the best freelancing hacks for beginners is to spend time looking for another high-quality client. 

Cold email is your friend if you want to start looking for them. 

If you know how to land the inbox, get them to open your email, and read and respond to it. 

You’re only one cold email away from anything you want.

If you want to learn more about cold email, be sure to check out this awesome course that will help you master cold email techniques.

Note: If you purchase the course using the link above, I will get a commission fee at no extra cost to you. 

5. Building Partnerships

As a freelancer, it is a good idea to partner with brand-new businesses. 

Once again, you’ll be dealing with clients who don’t have a lot of budgets, but who will be able to provide you with opportunities to put some really good work together.

To learn more about a partnership, you can read these Simple Partnership Strategies For Freelancers. 

6. Creating Portfolio

One of the popular freelancing hacks for beginners is to create a high-quality portfolio site.

It demonstrates your technical skills by having an amazing portfolio site of your own.

If you want to be taken seriously as a new freelancer, you’re going to need a website that:

• Showcases your expertise
• Emphasizes relevant past experiences
• Shows who you are.

You should include your contact information so that potential clients can easily find you.

Plus, a good portfolio can help you out if you don’t have a lot of job experience to prove that you know your stuff.

7. Pick Your Best Picture

If you don’t have any available, make one. Statistics show that good clothes open all doors and work opportunities for you.

You have to look friendly and cheerful enough to get a good impression.

You can pick a more professional style and look all serious, it’s up to you to decide. Your profile picture has to be great.

8. Build Your Products

No matter what type of freelancer you are. There are ways to build something that you can sell directly.

It can be an ebook or a website theme, and you can put it directly into your portfolio.

Building a passive income from selling your products is a good idea for freelancers like you.

9. Promote Yourself

Take time to promote yourself, communicate with your networks, and ask for work.

Many people get their best work from referrals, and statistics show customers are generally willing to make a referral for a freelancer or service provider they like.


When it comes to looking for freelancing hacks for beginners, here’s the best thing that you need to do. Always remember why did you start freelancing.

If you can answer that question and still remember your answer, then you can make your freelancing business succeed quickly.

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Written by: Japhet Torres, creator of

People Also Ask

Keep in mind that easy come can easy go. Those easy jobs won't last long. If you want to build a successful career as a freelancer, you'll need to work hard at improving your skills. 

Freelancing work can be unstable. It could also be like a feast and famine. Where one month you will have lots of work and the next month you struggle to get a single project.

Freelancing comes with disadvantages and advantages. How hard freelancing is for you may depend on your personality, working style, and how well you tolerate uncertainty. 

The reason why the majority of freelancers fail is because of a lack of time discipline and lack of patience. You have to allocate certain hours in a day to find clients and you are competing with the best of the best so be patient.

As a freelancer, you can work for yourself, or work remotely anywhere full-time. You don't have to commute to an in-person office any longer or deal with traffic every day. Not to mention you can wear whatever you want!

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