7 Simple Ideas To Earn More Money In Freelancing

One of the best partnership strategies for freelancers is to collaborate with another freelancer to create a project that benefits both parties.

If you form a relationship with a freelancer that is not in direct competition with you but sells to the same clients as you. You could both help each other.

• A copywriter might form a partnership with a graphic designer
• A translator might form a partnership with a video editor
• A web designer might form a partnership with a digital marketer

Collaboration is one of the best partnership strategies for freelancers. It is an easy way to get new potential clients that could be in the same market for your products and services.

Why? Because your partner already has a relationship with their clients. They can provide a solid and trusted foundation for you to start.

2 Simple Steps to Build a Partnership

1. Make a list
Ask yourself who is the right person in your business area who already sells to the customers you want to reach or serve.

One of the best partnership strategies for freelancers is to research your competitors.

Find out who are those people that can work with you and can approve the shared agreement that you will discuss.

2. Outreach
Think about why someone should accept your offer. They will agree to recommend your services when they feel confident that you will deliver to a high standard.

Outreach Example: 

Hi Name, 

I noticed that you currently offer [x service] to [y people]. I’m a freelancer that offers [z service] to a similar client base. 

Individually, we are not in direct competition with each other, but offer services that potentially complement and support each other.

I wondered if you might be interested in discussing which we could recommend each others’ services to our mutual advantage. 

Would you be interested in learning more about that? Just let me know. If not, no worries. 

Best regards,

Your Name 

The partnership works best when there is no competition and both services naturally complement each other.

Here’s another example of partnership strategies for businesses.

Partnership Strategies

Apple hooked up with Starbucks. It’s pretty simple.
Starbucks offers free WiFi to its customers. Apple has iTunes. So what do they do?

Apple gives Starbucks customers free access to iTunes music.

Customers will be able to browse, search and freely preview millions of songs in the Starbucks store at that moment. Then easily buy and download songs or albums directly to their device.


By partnering with somebody, you’re able to introduce your brand to a new audience.

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Written by: Japhet Torres, creator of Kadlight.com

People Also Ask

Make your clients understand what your doing by using less jargon in your communication. Another tip is to listen and listen more.

A good strategic partnership occurs when the two parties remain independent, sharing benefits from the projects, and contributing decisions from strategic areas.

Honesty, trust, values, regular communication, and agreed share goals are the important elements of partnership working.

To make your partnership program successful, you and your partner must have a win/win situation. The goal of your partnership is to gain more visibility, business networks, and industry validation.

The strategic collaboration is the agreement of both parties to achieve a goal by working together.

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