How to Impress Your Freelance Client in 5 Easy Steps

A good start on how to impress your freelance client is to showcase the expected results that they will gain if they hire you.

As a freelancer, your focus must make your current clients happy rather than spending much of your time looking for the next client.

Here are the 5 steps you need to do to impress your freelance clients.

1. Remember they are human, not income

If you are just thinking of your clients as a percentage of your income, you’re going to give them an unpleasant feeling. Treat them like people, not paychecks.

One of the steps on how to impress your freelance client is to make small talk. Be friendly. This is the key to letting them know that their business is important to you.

When you start talking to a client, remember you’re both human beings. This may be a business conversation but it’s also a human-to-human interaction.

2. Welcome package is a must

If your proposal has been accepted and they hire you, your new client will have questions.

Put them at ease and save yourself time by creating a welcome package. It can be in a form of an email, PDF, e-book, or website link that summarizes your work hours, processes, and any information you will need from them.

It’s also a great time to send a checklist of things you will need from them. Creating this upfront will save you lots of time for every future client.

3. Deliver on time

One of the steps how to impress your freelance client is to be able to deliver the project on time. 

The key to staying on top of your projects and keeping your clients in check is to have a proper process or system of your workflows. 

If you can appear to be organized and professional your clients are going to have more faith in you. They will start thinking that you’re the best asset that they need to hire again and again. 

Be honest about when your client can expect the draft, revision, or final output of the project. Be transparent about missing the deadline. Then be sure to set a new one and meet it. Always tell them the truth.

4. Conduct market research and competitive analysis

As a freelancer, one of the best steps how to impress your freelance client is to conduct market research. Help your clients find customers for their business.

Learn how to identify their competitors. Research what the competitor does and act on the information you obtain.

Engage yourself in your client’s world. The more knowledge you bring to the table about industry standards, recent discoveries, or common issues, the more your client will trust you to run a project.

5. Do not forget to thank them

Remember that your client has come to you to solve a problem. Whatever that issue may be. You need to build trust, meet the deadline and come up with an effective solution.

Clients are what keep us in business. For this reason, it’s important to thank them for that.

Once you have finished the project be sure to include a sincere thank you. Sending a handwritten note and a small, thoughtful gift are also a nice touch.

It will remind them how great it was to work with you. It also puts you at the forefront of their mind for future work.


Providing a memorable client experience is your best shot at getting referrals and repeat business.

Finding clients is not the most important part of your freelancing business. The most important part is to keep and impress them.

Take note that you can have a consistent amount of income if you give your focus on keeping your current clients, not on finding clients.

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Written by: Japhet Torres, creator of

People Also Ask

The qualities of good customer service are problem-solving skills, clear communication, friendly attitude, empathy, product or service knowledge, and strong time management.

It means making it so your client never has to explain anything twice, and your customer service has any information they need right at their fingertips.

A good customer experience can be achieved if you make listening to clients a top priority across your business.

One of the best benefits of freelancing is the ability to choose your work and project. You can work as much or as little as you want, and you can choose projects that are meaningful to you.

The key to good customer service is building good relationships with your customers. A happy customer will return often and is likely to spend more.

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