How To Get Referrals From Freelance Clients in 4 Clever Ways

The simplest way how to get referrals from freelance clients is to provide a service high enough to wow your current client.

When people tell stories about you, referral happens. It occurs when potential clients hear about your service in the online or offline world.

Many freelancers get most of their clients through referrals. Once you get known through the conversations of people, this may result in referrals or recommendations.

This article will help you learn how to get referrals from your client in 4 clever ways.

1. Be The Best

The first step on how to get referrals from freelance clients is to be the best. All you have to do is concentrate on doing the absolute best you can for the clients that you have.

To make the referral system work, you need to be worth talking about. You must be memorable both as a person and as a freelancer.

The longer you have been in business providing excellent service, the more likely it is that referrals will be working for you.

2. Promote Success Stories

Publishing clients’ testimonials in your marketing materials can help to build confidence in your offering.

When you talked about problems that you have solved, and the results they have achieved.

You give potential clients a chance to recognize themselves or the people they know.

When that happens. You are more likely to get referral business.

3. Reciprocation

One of the ways how to get referrals from freelance clients is to share your client’s business with your networks.

Show what referral means to you by reciprocating the gesture.

Spread the word about your clients’ businesses, and you will see the momentum increasing.

4. Offer Incentives

If you want to offer incentives, consider offering cash to other freelancers and value-adds to existing clients.

One of the ways how to get referrals from freelance clients is to reward your clients with incentives.

Be careful if you choose to offer incentives. Offering incentives could be bad if the clients being referred to you are not a good type of client.

Make sure to tell what kind of clients you want people to send your way.

Things To Remember

Your client only refers you:
• When they like and trust the work that you do
• When you have done an excellent job for them
• When you provide extra service or go the extra mile
• When you provide your clients with high-quality results
• When you keep in touch with them. Ensuring that they remember the experience they had
• When you make a connection with them, and they feel that you care.

Word travels fast when you do something extraordinary good for someone. It also travels just as fast when something goes wrong, and the client complains.

Your goal is to continually provide a service high enough to wow your existing clients and build a level of trust to make them refer you.


The best marketing is referral. As it builds up over time. It can provide you with an ongoing supply of new clients without you having to do anything at all.

If you want more referrals from your client. Make sure you’re someone worth referring and make it easy for people to send you business.

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Written by: Japhet Torres, creator of

People Also Ask

Here are some of the ways to generate referral leads: encourage referrals through a reward system, use referral marketing, and ask your clients to write testimonies.

Referrals are people who come to you, while leads are the people you chase.

A referral is when your client recommends your service to their colleagues and networks.

According to Upwork's data on freelancers, 44% of freelancers made more money than they did when employed at a traditional job.

As a freelancer, you can work for yourself, or work remotely anywhere full-time. You don't have to commute to an in-person office any longer or deal with traffic every day. Not to mention you can wear whatever you want.

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