How To Freelance As a Teenager in 6 Steps

“Advice can be helpful, but you can also just step out and take a big leap. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission.”

Most teenagers have experienced working at a firm like Jolibee for an hourly wage. You get a paycheck every week or two weeks, depending on your contract.

The money you receive is yours. You don’t need to worry about marketing or finding customers. The company does it for you.

How To Freelance As a Teenager in 6 Steps

As a freelance teenager, you are responsible for everything. Not only do you need to market yourself, but you will set your hours, workload, rate, etc. 

You are completely in control of how much money that you earn. But you’re also responsible for finding your jobs.

Don’t like to market yourself? Then freelancing is not for you. 

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Step 1: Develop and Choose Your Best Skills

The first most important thing on how to start a freelance as a teenager would be recognizing your skills. 

The internet is an amazing thing. It connects us to everyone all the time, can learn free courses, and becoming a freelance teenager is easy. 

Just a few of the freelance jobs you might find include:

• Copywriter – Write blog articles, social media posts, or sales copy.

• Online store creator – Develop Shopify, Etsy, or eBay accounts for you or your clients.

• Digital marketer – Helping other businesses market their product or service online. 

• Graphic designer – Create social media posts, ads, or brochures for companies.

• Online tutor – You can teach other people online and get paid for your knowledge.

• Programmer – Create apps, widgets, or programs to sell.

• Survey completer – Complete surveys through websites or write reviews.

• Website builder – Create websites for clients.

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Step 2: Bundle Your Skills Into A Service

Your unique skills are your greatest asset. Whether you set to become a full-time freelancer or a part-time. Your career will be built around the unique skills you have to offer. 

Identify the different skills you have practiced a lot that other people may not have. This is why they will pay you. 

Consider starting freelancing with skills from previous jobs, hobbies, or self-taught skills.

Once you have identified the skills you wish to start with, just try to combine them into one unique service. Combining multiple skills will help you maximize the revenue and increase the value of your offering.

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Step 3: Charge What You're Worth and Prepare a Contract

Look at the market of your niche, and be sure to charge what you are worth. Don’t charge a project $10 for something that will take you 5 hours. Always look around to see what others are pricing too.

Take note. Don’t just take someone’s word for it. Your work is important. Even if it’s a simple contract, having something in writing is better than nothing. Most freelance websites like Upwork, or Fiverr can help you with that. 

Step 4: Find Clients

Being your own boss means you’re responsible for finding your clients. Whether you take pictures, create websites, or write on a blog. 

You need to find a source of clients that brings the money. If no one visits your site or your freelance profile, then you aren’t going to make money. 

Getting clients not only takes time, but it takes a lot of work until you’re established.

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Step 5: Treat Your Clients Amazingly

Referral clients are the best you’ll ever get. They come to you already full of trust and expecting good things. 

That makes them much easier to sell to and generally much more satisfied with the results you provide.

So go way over the top to give your current clients excellent service and then ask for referrals!

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Step 6: Stop Waiting and Start Promoting

Referrals might be gold, but they can be slow to come in when your network is small and you’ve only recently started out.

So don’t just sit around and wait for them! Take action and start promoting.  

Figure out how clients generally find professionals in your field: 

Do they use a search engine? Use someone from their network? How about social media?

Wherever they’re looking, that’s where you need to be.

The important step in the process of how to start freelance as a teenager would be to reach out to the clients. 

You could start by letting your friends and family know about your service and request them to spread the word for you. Just tap into your existing network and you’ll do fine.

Can a teenager be a freelancer?

Absolutely yes! and you should. It would be a great experience. You’ll get experience dealing with clients, improving your communication skills, developing valuable hard skills, and make some money along with way.


How To Freelance As a Teenager in 6 Steps
Step 1: Develop and Choose Your Best Skills
Step 2: Bundle Your Skills Into A Service
Step 3: Charge What You’re Worth and Prepare a Contract
Step 4: Find Clients
Step 5: Treat Your Clients Amazingly
Step 6: Stop Waiting and Start Promoting

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