How To Convince Your Client To Hire You

There are plenty of ways to convince your client to hire you. But the best and simple way is to create an irresistible special offer. 

Irresistible special offers are a great way to introduce new clients to your services and give existing clients a bonus that they will love. 

A special offer should motivate purchasing decisions because of its value in it. Special offers are as important to clients as they are to you.

They can help you achieve several things:

• Speed up the buying cycle for new clients

• Introduce existing clients to new service

• Sell more

Every client loves a special offer. We are all motivated by an opportunity to get a good deal, something we want at a lower price than we would usually pay – a bargain!

What makes a special offer successful?

To create your special offers. You need to understand the risk-reward thought process of your client.

If the perceived risk is high and the perceived value is low, the chances are that person will not buy.

If the perceived risk is low and the value is high, the chances are more sales will be made.

So the best, most irresistible special offers are created when you increase the perceived value and lower the risk.

Here are two simple ways to craft your special offer

1. Increase the value

• Add extra bonuses

• Give two for the price of one or three for two

• Tell why your service is unique and discount the price as an introductory offer

• Package matching services together with a lower overall price compared to buying the services separately


2. Decrease the risk

• Prove a fast or high return on investment

• Give a strong guarantee

• Give proof of the results of your service using real-life case studies

• Endorse your service with testimonials.


If you combine a method that increases the value and decreases the risk. Then you will enjoy an increased response rate to your offer.

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Written by: Japhet Torres, creator of

People Also Ask

Here are 5 simple tips to make your client say yes:
1. Know your client
2. Don't sale pitch, do conversation
3. Know your service
4. Expect the unexpected
5. Follow up

If you want to make your own hours or have lots of commitments outside of work that requires you to take time off, then freelancing is a great option for you.

1. Research their business
2. Understand their needs and goals
3. Identify their problem to their business
4. Present them with an effective solution
5. Maintain the communication

It is the inner feelings, instinct, drive, desire, stimulus, thoughts, or emotion that make a buyer buy a certain product or service to satisfy his needs.

To motivate your clients to take action, you need to use urgent wording, create time-sensitive offers, and make an option that is easy to choose.

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