9 Ways How To Start Freelancing With No Experience

Starting and earning a high salary in freelancing is easier when you have job experience. However, it is not easy to start freelancing if you have no experience.

Don’t worry, here are the ways how to start freelancing with no experience:

1. Decide what you want

The first move to start freelancing with no experience is to decide what you want to do.

If you are a creative type, you may choose copywriting, video editing, or graphic design. If you’re technical, you may go with web developing, coding, or SEO.

Understand what you are good at and concentrate on building your career based on your skillset.

2. Research your industry

Even if you have enough skills and want to start freelancing as soon as possible. You need to understand your preferred industry.

Think about:

Do the companies are willing to hire freelancers in your area of expertise?
Is the average rate pay well for you? or
Are there plenty of freelancers offering the same service as you?

Researching your industry will guide you on what to do next, who to contact, and where to find high-paying clients.

3. Take certifications

To start freelancing with no experience you need to take certifications. There are lots of online free certifications that will help you become a good specialist.

Take advantage of that. You can find free online certifications in Google Digital Garage, Upwork Test, and HubSpot Academy.

4. Invest in online courses

Want a faster way to succeed in freelancing? Find an online course that teaches you skills on how to start freelancing with no experience.

Check out this course, it will help you to master cold email and get to work with companies or businesses that you admire. 

Could you have built a profitable freelancing career without the course? Yes. But would it have taken you a much longer time to do it? Absolutely. 

So, if it fits your budget and learning style. Consider investing in a freelancing course that can help you earn in freelancing in a faster way.

Take Note: If you purchase the course from my link. I’ll get a commission fee at no extra cost to you. This will allow me to continue helping the freelancing community. 

5. Offer your skills

Look for internship opportunities. Even if it’s a free internship and you don’t get paid for it. You could even ask them for a testimonial in exchange. But if you know how good you are at what you do, you can ask for getting paid.

A good internship will help you have a good network who might want to recommend you to their acquaintance who is looking for a new and affordable freelancer.

An internship will also help you show prospects you have previous work experience.

6. Create a portfolio

One of the most important things about how to start freelancing with no experience is to create a portfolio. 

Every client wants to see your previous work. You can do this by highlighting the work you did in the internship or even in your past jobs. 

They want to understand if you’re able to help them with what they need. A portfolio is a good way to show how skilled you are and what you can do. 

Click this link if you want to view my portfolio. If you need help in creating one, you can reach out to me. 

7. Optimize your social media

Having an Upwork profile or any freelancing website is not enough. Social media can be a great way to attract clients based on your traffic.

I recommend creating a LinkedIn account. You can find tons of business owners and quality clients hanging around.

If you’re an artist or a creative person, Instagram is a good place for you.

By optimizing any social media you use. You won’t have to contact clients every single day. They will come to you automatically if you optimized them well enough.

8. Trust in your network

A wise man once said: “It’s not always what you know, but who you know.” It’s all about who you know. Your network is your net worth. It’s true because 80% of my jobs have been referral-based.

You can even reach out to your contacts and let them know that you’re freelancing. It can be a great benefit to you. Word of mouth is the best marketing strategy in the world.

9. Start a cold email

Cold emailing is one of the best ways to get new clients. Plenty of companies are completely overwhelmed with work and are juggling multiple projects at once. 

Therefore, one good cold email could land you a stellar freelancing opportunity.

Yes, it’s scary at first. But if you know how to land the inbox, get them to open your email, read it, and respond to it. You’re only one cold email away from anything you want. 

Here’s a catch. This is the best course to master cold email. 

Take Note: If you purchase the course from my link. I’ll get a commission fee at no extra cost to you. This will allow me to continue helping the freelancing community. 

Keep in mind that you need to be realistic about your expectations. You cannot make six figures at the beginning of your freelancing career. You have to work hard and work at relatively affordable rates until you have the expertise to earn a lot of money. Just be patient.

I hope these tips gave you an idea about how to start freelancing with no experience. Click this link for more freelancing tricks. 

Written by: Japhet Torres, creator of Kadlight.com

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