Why Do You Need To Educate Your Client As A Freelancer

You need to educate your client as a freelancer because the more they understand how your service can improve their business, the more they’ll hire you.

Client education is all about allowing your clients to learn more about your services.

People may willingly pay more for services as long as they understand and appreciate the value they’re receiving.

Not being aware or not understanding can slow up the hiring process.
Sometimes an idea or information provided by a freelancer can stimulate your client’s desire to hire.

Many of your potential clients do not know your service as much as you do, and it may be that they don’t understand:

• how it could benefit them
• the opportunities that exist
• how you can solve their problems
• how to maximize the benefits once they have used your service, or
• the level of service they can expect from you.

You need to educate your client as a freelancer because the more your client understands the value they will receive, the more likely they will hire you. Only you can help them find this out.

There are several ways in which you can do this:

1. Publish articles
Write content that answers the questions you mostly received. You can add the benefits that will be received if they choose you. It is an extremely important tool to help promote yourself.

2. Deliver demonstrations
Show some of your work processes by using Zoom meetings, Skype, Google Meet, or anything that can help explain how to produce the expected results.

3. Offer samples
You can use free samples to introduce your service to new audiences unfamiliar with your brand.

4. Show case studies
A case study helps in getting an understanding of a complex topic or object. It is an interesting marketing tool for freelancers.

5. Free consultations
You could offer a free consultation of up to a set period of hours and charge once you get beyond that point.


If you present your client education in a relevant and engaging way, it will increase your hiring rate.

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Written by: Japhet Torres, creator of Kadlight.com

People Also Ask

Educating your client enhances the understanding they get of your services. Which in turn increases client engagement with you.

Understand what customers want and what their true needs are. They are sometimes different than their needs.

They are looking for someone who will make their lives easier.

Understanding your client and its buying habits. Give them reasons and incentives to come back to you again.

It increases profits, improves sales, and allows sustainable growth.

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