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The Beginning of Kadlight

I’m Japhet Torres. 19 years old, and I built Kadlight to help freelancers like you achieve financial freedom.

Some teens like to play mobile games and love hanging out.

But, I liked building a business that can solve an actual problem.

I started building websites at the age of 11. That time I was just a kid joining Dota 2 and Crossfire competitions to make a side income. 

I thought that the internet is made just for entertainment. 

Fast forward.

Never in my wildest dream that the internet can help me build a business.

Building a high-profit business is easy.

Invest your money to make more money. If you don’t have money. 

Invest your time to make money, and use that money to make more money.

But the problem is. Most of us don’t know how to invest our time to make money.

The answer is Freelancing.

That is the beginning of Kadlight. To help you invest your time to make money and build a high-profit business. 

A weekly email newsletter packed with freelancing tips and tricks. 

Japhet Torres

Freelancing Made Easy


What Is In The Email Newsletter?

Bring you weekly secrets that helped freelancers go from zero to hundreds of clients. 

This email newsletter is about strategies and systems to grow your freelance job to a high-profit business

Providing tips for you about:

• how to be a better freelancer

• strategies to get better clients

• structures to earn more with your services

• mindset to improve your freelancing career

• scaling your freelance job into a high-profit business

With that in mind, I hope you will learn strategies that you can immediately use.


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