7 Simple Ideas To Earn More Money In Freelancing

If you want to earn more money in freelancing, you need to add value that will help your clients solve their existing problems. Money exists from your solution.

Here are the 7 Simple Ideas To Earn More Money In Freelancing.

1. Specialize and Niche Down

As a freelancer, you can earn great money as a generalist. But specializing and niching down will build your value and reputation. It will help you market your business more effectively.

Specializing and niching down will build the skills that can help you increase your chance of getting hired over hundreds of freelancers out there.

2. Find More Jobs Opportunities

It’s harmful to you to depend on just one source for your income as a freelancer, no matter how profitable that one source is.

Attempt to come up with as many opportunities to land freelancing jobs. This includes cold pitching, referrals, or social media. 

If you are looking to earn more money in freelancing, try to find a client that pays you a high salary.

Try to find clients on freelancing websites such as Upwork or Fiverr. Click this link if you like to learn about the 9 freelancing platforms to find high-quality clients.

3. Monthly Retainer System

Focus on creating a monthly retainer system that solves your client’s problem. It’s the easiest way to sell one.

Another tip that can help you earn more money in freelancing is to develop a monthly retainer system. 

For example, if you are an SEO expert and your project is to build backlinks. You could offer a service for a monthly check-up report that maintains website links.

It’s better to have a recurring income than a one-time income. If you like to read more about developing a retainer system. You can read these 6 simple freelancing strategies to get repeat clients.

4. Try Upselling and Cross-Selling

Remember that it’s much easier for you to sell additional services to existing clients than it is for you to get new clients.

If you like to earn more money in freelancing, try to come up with a list of additional freelancing services that you can offer to your current clients and pitch to them. 

Not doing an upsell or cross-sell your services to your current clients, means that they will simply be using another freelancer. 

You should learn to upsell your skills and services to your clients with whom you are closely connected. 

For this reason, it can help you earn much higher amounts than you’re used to for the regular services you provide. 

5. Increase Your Pricing

Find out what the average pricing rates are like in your industry. Compare them with what you’re charging your clients now. Are your rates standard or lower?

Sometimes you’ll be surprised to learn that you’re charging less than you’re supposed to be charging.

The only thing you need to do to earn more money in freelancing is to simply ask for more.

6. Replace Low Paying Clients with New High Paying Clients

Following the idea above. When you raise your pricing rates, some clients won’t be able to afford and some of them will not be able to pay.

That is the time to drop low-paying clients. You need to make room for higher-paying clients so you can focus on the work that pays you the most.

7. Always Promote Yourself

The client typically won’t come to you if you are a starter and have no work experience. You will need to go find them by doing marketing and prospecting.

Having a consistent effort to do marketing is crucial to earning more money in freelancing.

Building a channel or pipeline of qualified prospects will lead to a strong referral engine. Resulting in more income for your freelancing services.


Having the right strategy and being consistent with it is one of the best ways to earn more money in freelancing.

As you effectively apply some of the ideas above. It can potentially help you double your income.

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Written by: Japhet Torres, creator of Kadlight.com

People Also Ask

If you find a good niche, you can make large amounts of money in a short amount of time. That means it's possible to become a millionaire.

The industry of freelancing is increasing in recent times. Most startups and companies look for freelancers to run their needs.

Freelancing is not easy. You need to work hard and be determined to succeed as a freelancer. More importantly, it takes time to gain experience and develop skills.

Freelancers usually do not have a contract with their employers, and it gives them the freedom to leave work at any time if they do not like working conditions or if they find a better job.

Freelancers who can get repeat work from clients or work on a retainer agreement have higher chances of earning more than salaried workers.

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